HG Freezer De-icer 500ml

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Product description

Removes the build up of ice simply and quickly tp help reduce energy consumption which is caused by your freezer icing up.

  • Regular use reduces the risk of your freezer icing-up.
  • Potentially extends the lifespan of your freezer.
  • Fast acting - prevents frozen food having time to defrost during the process of de-icing your freezer.

Instructions for use:

  • Turn off the freezer, empty it and scrape away and remove any ice which is easily loosened (the thick layers).
  • Spray the remaining ice evenly and liberally with HG freezer de- icer.
  • Leave to work for 5 to 10 minutes and then scrape away any loose ice.
  • After removing the ice, dry the walls of the freezer, and the freezer can be switched back on, ready for use again.